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HTI Kopfjaeger Sling

HTI Kopfjaeger Sling

Product Information

The requirements were that it needed to be a contained system, be very easy to operate, and lock you into position 100% every time you need it.

We have achieved this, and here is what separates this sling from the competition:

1. Single piece system – There is nothing to disconnect or misplace when you need it most. Everything you need is built into the sling.

2. Simple – If you can operate a simple “Riggers Belt”, then you can solidly sling up using the aluminum riggers buckle. This will go as tight as you want to pull it.

3. Efficient – Our removable Dope Patch is attached right in front of the cuff. If can go on either side of the sling, and this gives you a rapid reference for your critical data when you’re slung up. This is included with the sling, with additional dope patches available for purchase. Each patch covers dope in 50 yard/meter increments out to 1,000. At the bottom you can list the Rifle, Bullet and Zero.

4. Fast – Operational snipers and competitive precision shooters will appreciate how easy and rapidly you can remove the tension on your cuff, and your arm.

5. Life Time Warranty – If this sling fails from normal/duty use, we will repair or replace it for free. If it is broken or destroyed in the line of duty, it will be replaced for free, provided we get to hear the story.

6. American Pride – 100% Made in the USA! All our products are made at Piper Gear USA, based in San Diego, California. This is a veteran operated business, and all of our products are Berry Amendment Compliant. All of our designs are developed with input from active duty Special Operations, LE Snipers, and competitive shooters. After it is conceived, it is prototyped and vetted by a select testing group. All are extremely talented shooters, with a wide body of knowledge in gear. They know what works and why. That is why we listen to their opinions.

7. Giving Back – A portion of the profits from EVERY sling sold will go to We believe in their mission, and we proudly support the US Snipers both in training, and on the front lines of the GWOT. We contribute to them both financially, and directly with free gear. This is all processed through, who get it to the people that need it most.

8. Charles “Chuck” Mawhinney is a legendary figure in the sniper community. He is not only known for his exploits in the Vietnam war, but also as one of the nicest guys in the industry. He is highly respected and valued member of this small circle, and his opinion matters. The fact that Chuck endorses a product means a lot to us, and it means that you will always be satisfied with your purchase. If not, please call me personally. I will make it right, so you can know you made the best possible choice in precision rifle gear. You can read more about Chuck at

9. Dedication – We are constantly striving to improve our product line by listening to our customers.

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